Neptune: Arena FPS Greenlit!

Neptune has been Greenlit some weeks ago, since then a lot of work has been done. The singleplayer practice mode is almost ready, using a basic AI system in Deathmatch only. The performance and lag have seen a huge improvement, now players can host their own dedicated servers or listen ones and they will appear […]

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Neptune September updates

September updates The development is proceeding at high speed and the roadmap is being respected, hoping to be able to Greenlight the game before the end of the year. What has been implemented since last months? AI behavior, so the AI is working; Dedicated server; Improved old weapons; Introduced new weapons and ammo; Added experimental […]

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Neptune June updates

The development is going on! What’s the roadmap? The next goals are: Code the singleplayer mode, starting with AI and so on; Model new weapons; Model new enviroment items; Make more maps; Improve multiplayer; Improve HUDs; Improve sounds; Fix some multiplayer bugs; Refine the menus; Then after some testing, i will release a beta version […]

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