Welcome to the about page.

Why F.P.Lab?

F.P.Lab is an artistic name aka “nickname” which represents the real developer behind all of the applications listed here: Francesco Pellaco. In simple terms F.P.Lab stands for F.P.’s laboratory symbolising the environment where my applications and programs come to life. The decision to start developing mobile apps was taken some years ago when I got into the Android and iOS worlds and begun studying their programming languages.

Q: I have some suggestions about your apps or about a new app, where can i contact you?

A: You can send suggestions and bug reports by email to info.fplab@gmail.com.

Q: Where can I ask for support?

A: You can ask for support here, in the blog page writing a comment or sending an email to info.fplab@gmail.com. Take a look at the Support page for more information.

Q: Where can I find your social pages?

A: You can find my social pages in the sidebar, by clicking on the button at the top right corner of any page.