Damaged Photo Restore & Repair available on the AppStore


Damaged Photo Restore & Repair now available on the AppStore for iPhone and iPad

Repair your damaged photos, remove cuts, rips, scratches, marks, stains or other imperfections. This app is a professional tool which makes use of advanced powerful algorithms in order to bring your damaged photos back to their original condition. The way it works is really simple. You set the image you want to fix and, automatically, the app will do it for you. If you are an user who wants even better results and precision you can do the entire process manually.

Damaged Photo Restore not only fixes damaged photos, it can even remove imperfections from images and hide text or objects.

Main features:
– Removes cuts and rips from photos;
– Removes scratches, marks and stains;
– Can repair old photos which got damaged over the time;
– Can remove imperfections from any image;
– Can hide text or objects from any image;
– Simple and intuitive interface;
– Advanced users can improve their results even more through the manual edit mode;
– High precision mode (A magnifier shows you where you are editing);
– Export to camera roll;
– In-App tutorial;
– Fast and optimized for iOS 12;

Please be aware that:
– This is a professional tool, follow the in-app explanation in order to learn how to use it correctly;
– The app will work on almost any photo, however in case the photo provided is affected by a high grade of damage the result will not be optimal.

You can download it on the App Store by clicking on the badge below!

Download it on the App Store