Image Deblur – Blurred & Shaky Now available on the AppStore

Image Deblur – Blurred & Shaky now available on the AppStore for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Image Deblur is a professional tool that lets you remove the blur from your photos.
Thanks to its deconvolution algorithm it is possible to bring out the details you are looking for from your photos, with high precision. It is really useful if you need to get important information from your photo!

What does this tool do?
– Focus defocused photos, letting you see their details such as text or blurred subjects;
– Remove motion blur from your photos, generated by fast moving subjects or your camera (following a simple motion trajectory), such as shaky hands;
– Tune the focus and motion blur angle thanks to its high precision controls;
– Fast result computation with preview changes;
– Outputs a color RGB or Grayscale restored image to the camera roll;
– Supports high resolution images;
– Supports Auto Mode which automatically gives you some of the possible restorations of your image;

This tool does not only sharpen the image, it literally removes the blur, and reduces it when severe blur is present.

Please be aware that:
– This is a professional tool, follow the in-app explanation in order to learn how to use it correctly;
– High resolution images will be scaled if hardware limits are exceeded;
– The purpose of this tool is to bring out the desired details from your images, not to improve the image in its entirety, especially when severe blur is present;

You can download it on the App Store by clicking on the badge below!

Download it on the App Store