Neptune: Arena FPS now available on iPhone and iPad

Neptune: Arena FPS is now available on the AppStore for iPhone and iPad!

Classic arena style gameplay mixed with modern and futuristic elements, where the only thing that matters is the skill.
– Set into a futuristic environment, you will have to fight against the AI in order to win!
– Fast paced, tricky, breathtaking matches;
– 5 Beautiful arenas;
– Many jump pads! Melt your movement skills with in-air fights;
– Traps! Every map has its own way to endanger the player;
– Master 8 futuristic but classic arena style weapons;
– Ranks and Skins:
Earn XP playing and spend it into Skins for your favorite weapons!
Game modes:
– Deathmatch: shoot at anything that moves!
– Instagib: play one shot one kill with your faithful Raygun!

*iPhone 5s/iPad Air minimum required*


You can download it on the App Store by clicking on the badge below!

Download it on the App Store