Neptune: Arena FPS Greenlit!

Neptune has been Greenlit some weeks ago, since then a lot of work has been done.

The singleplayer practice mode is almost ready, using a basic AI system in Deathmatch only.

The performance and lag have seen a huge improvement, now players can host their own dedicated servers or listen ones and they will appear on the Steam master server allowing their players and others to join if wanted.

Space! A new map has been added even if it has to be tweaked a little.


Achievements and Trading cards are being added.

Gamepad support is almost ready.

I’m working on new gamemodes and i have already added the Instagib one.

So, the first game version is almost ready. If you wanna be sure to follow it and be the first to purchase it, the price at start will be 4,99€-4,99$, sign the newsletter and mark the Steam Greenlight page.


See you soon on Steam.

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