SLR Pro Camera now available on the AppStore

SLR Pro Camera is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod

SLR Pro Camera was developed to help professional photographers have a better time with their own personal device unlocking all of its functions such as manual focus, iso and shutter priority.
Using the latest APIs it has been possible to unlock important features, turning the usual device camera into a new powerful one similar to a professional SLR one.

Thanks to a simple but yet useful interface it is possible to adjust all the settings on the go, being able to see the changes in real time.

The user can also set the white balance (WB) as he prefers, settings the RGB values individually.

By setting these parameters you will be able to shoot much better looking photos!
SLR will let you shot Low light/night photos, thanks to low shutter speeds, and you will be able to improve the quality of high speed moving objects using higher shutter speeds!

Main features:
• Manual and Auto controls;
• ISO setting;
• Shutter priority setting;
• Manual/Auto Focus;
• White Balance settings including RGB values;
• Flash On/Off/Auto;
• Maximum image quality output;
• Improved Zoom;


You can download it on the App Store by clicking on the badge below!

Download it on the App Store