Neptune – now a Steam Greenlight concept

Neptune is now a Steam Greenlight concept

What is Neptune?
Neptune is a Pre-Alpha FPS Arena game, built with Unreal Engine 4. Currently i’m the only person working on the project and the community will choose its fate. If there are enough people interested in the game, i will keep developing it.


  • Pure arena style FPS;
  • Modern high quality graphics;
  • Supports Windows, Linux and OSX;
  • Multiplayer and Singleplayer practice mode against AI;
  • Different Game Modes;
  • 11 Different weapons;
  • Futuristic enviroment with destructible objects;

Maybe the game will also support mobile devices such as Android and iOS, letting the users play in cross-platform.

A screenshot from a Pre-Alpha Map

If you are interested in the project vote the game on Steam Greenlight at the following link: Greenlight page and check out the Youtube Teaser trailer below.


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