Motion Alarm – Anti-Theft device

Motion Alarm – Anti-Theft device is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Need a quick anti-theft alarm? This app is for you! Simple and easy to use, just arm and lock the device, place it in something you don’t want to be stolen or moved and it will be safe. After arming the app you will have 10 seconds to place the device and when ready it will let you know. Works on both tablet and smartphone and even in background, with device locked! When moved it will start ringing and vibrating and it will stop only if disabled by you.

Main features:
– Quick and easy to use, arm and lock the device, place it where you want;
– Works both on tablet and smartphone;
– Works in background with device locked, until you disable it;
– 10 seconds timer before arming;


You can download it on the App Store by clicking on the badge below!

Download it on the App Store