Disco Music Strobe Light now available on Google Play

Disco Music Strobe Light now available on Google Play for Android devices.

At a party, concert or with friends, this app will be your perfect companion! Disco Music Strobe Light is a flashlight with many advanced functions such as:

  • Stroboscopic light following music rhythm (both screen and flash, supporting manual and auto calibration);
  • Play of light on screen in Rhythm mode;
  • Manually adjustable Stroboscopic light (both screen and flash);
  • SOS mode (both screen and flash);
  • Flashlight (both screen and flash);
  • Background function with convenient notifications;


Take a look at the video below in order to get a better idea of what the app does.

You can download the free version or the pro one from Google Play.

Get it on Google Play 

Free version

Get it on Google Play 

Pro version